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From Paul Phillips <>
Subject Re: InvocationTargetException
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 22:22:06 GMT
sergeant wrote:
> Paul, coincidentally I've gotten the same error message and trace back
> twice in the last 24 hours after I had changed an operation signature
> in my WSDL. However, the core problems had nothing to do with the WSDL or
> Axis.
> Both times the problem occurred because a class was referencing a
> non-existent method on another class.  In one case I had an old
> jar file with the wrong version installed on the server.  (My ant deploy
> task was not copying the jars as I had thought.)
> In the second case I had changed a method name and not changed all the
> references.
> So, when I get this message I do three things:
> 1. Do a clean build of all sources, (which you've already done).
> 2. Double check the jar files on the server to make sure they match those
> in my build system.
> 3. Add debug statements in my services to pinpoint the problem location.
> I have code that should have caught and reported the trace back of the
> exception, that did not happen for this case.  I was surprised when
> log.debug() statements led me back to the heart of my service code and
> the offending reference inside a try block.  Though I caught Exception,
> and InvocationTargetException is derived from Exception, my handling
> code was bypassed.  So in this case you need to use old-time debugging
> methods to trackdown the problem.
> --Sergeant
Thanks, you're right it didn't have anything to do with the function 
signature, it was a speeling error in an SQL command.  I'm going away to 
feel ashamed now =(


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