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From peter anthony cowan <>
Subject Re: Trouble with HTTPS/SSL and Axis
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 05:19:37 GMT
so since i'm using java 1.4 i can just remove those three files from the
(actually, they're in the tomcat boot and system jar directoriess)

do i need to have a keystore in the system properties in order to do
ssl connections with axis? or should an axis client just run via https
so long as
the correct libraries exist?


Charles Simon wrote:

> This sounds like a mismatch or incomplete JAR files.
> First off if you are using Java 1.4 you do not need the separate SSL
> stuff, its bundled in.
> If you are using 1.3 then you need to add the following JARs to your
> client app's classpath.
>    jsse.jar
>    jcert.jar
>    jnet.jar
> peter anthony cowan wrote:
> >When I attempt to run a SOAP client that goes to a secure
> >destination (https), upon invoking the call object the program
> >hangs.  No exceptions are cast, nothing happens at all, it just
> >stalls indefinitely.  We are running the latest Axis along with
> >Tomcat 4.04, behind the apache web server, which handles
> >the SSL duties for tomcat.  I've checked to make sure we
> >have jsse.jar, and we do.  I have done further testing and
> >found that when attempting just to secure an SSLSocket
> >Connection the same hanging problem ensues.  Does any
> >one know what the problem is here?  How can I make java
> >happy with these outgoing HTTPS connections?  Also note,
> >we are not going to be running a WS Hosts, just clients. Any
> >advice would be much appreciated.
> >
> >thanks,
> >-peter
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