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From Kartik <>
Subject Overloaded Operations in Doc/Lit WSDL
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2004 16:02:43 GMT
Hell All.

I have a WSDL that uses overloaded operations at a few
places.  My application provieds a bridge between an
existing J2EE application and a .NET GUI client.

In my WSDL, my TestInterface has two operations:
 "TestMethod" that takes two strings
 "TestMethod" that takes three strings

<message name="TestInterface.TestMethod"> ...
<message name="TestInterface.TestMethodResponse"> ...
<message name="TestInterface.TestMethod_"> ...
<message name="TestInterface.TestMethod_Response"> ...

  ... ...
  ... ...
<operation name="TestMethod">
  <input message="tns:TestInterface.TestMethod"
name="TestMethod" />
name="TestMethodResponse" />
<operation name="TestMethod">
  <input message="tns:TestInterface.TestMethod_"
name="TestMethod_" />
name="TestMethod_Response" />

Please note that to make the message names unique, I
am using an underscore at the end of the message name.
 Also, I am using unique element names and part names
in the messages.

When I generate Java code, the generated methods look
alright (as shown below) 

  public org.apache.ka.TestObject testMethod(
    String a, String b
  ) throws ...;
  public org.apache.ka.TestObject testMethod(
    String aa, Stirng bb, String cc
  ) throws ...;

I could build, deploy and run the application as

Now, here is the question.  I read somewhere that WSI
basic profile is going to prohibit use of overloaded
operations (in general more than one operations with
the same operation name - regarless of equality of the
number of arguments they take)!  Can someone confirm
that for Axis and if that's the case, does anyone know
the reason?  I am planning to use WebServices for
three major languages - Java, C# and C++.  And all the
three languages support overloaded methods.  Why would
WSI not allow it?


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