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From <>
Subject Re: RE: SOAP message size limitation
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Wow, 800K is not that big, relatively speaking.  Currently, the way these distributed apps
communicate is by sending entire complex objects (which can be very large.)  In a perfect
world, we would like to change this inter-application communication to a more real-time, update
of only what has changed - a web service.  This should then result in manageable messages
in the single or double digit K range.  We'll still have to work out a process for pushing
the creation of one of these large complex objects out to other apps - which will probably
end up being an XML file securely ftp'd.  Currently, they send ascii delimited files.

Any thoughts/musings on how to tackle this problem are welcome.

> From: "Neil Blue" <>
> Date: 2004/03/09 Tue AM 03:11:36 CST
> To: <>,  <>
> Subject: RE: SOAP message size limitation
> Hello Sean,
> We ahve had large message problems and are moving to soap with attachments now. Messages
of about 800k where causing a lot of problems even after increasing the server memory allocation
to about 256M, but it does appear that the problems are due to a mixture of large content
size and a large number of XML elements (or object encoded XML elements). We send large messages
from client to server and server to client, so we need to address the problem as 256M clients
are a bit fat :)
> Neil
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sean Cohan []
> Sent: 09 March 2004 03:20
> To:
> Subject: SOAP message size limitation
>  We are analyzing current application functionality and identifying which
> functionality could be exposed as web services. Some of the data that would
> need to be embedded into the soap body part (or added as an attachment)
> could be quite large.
> How large of a SOAP message can you send before it doesn't make sense to
> send the data in a SOAP message?
> In other words, what is the upper size limit for a SOAP message?
> What sizes do you start seeing performance problems?
> If we have messages that exceed this threshold, what are good work arounds?
> Breaking the messages up into blocks and sending multiple blocks? Yuck.
> ftp'ing compressed files? Yuck.
> Yes we will have to encrypt, probably using XML enryption. We will be using
> WLS 8.1+, J2EE, Solaris, Oracle.
> Thanks.

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