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From "" <>
Subject RE: Message-style web services
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 11:06:00 GMT

Hi Vivek,
I'm new to axis, but I think you need the following
1) Your echoElements api should look like

Element[] elem = new Element[1];

elem[0] = XMLUtils.StringToElement("urn:foo","e1", "Hello");

return elem;

2) Once you compiled your file, move it to 

Doing the above, I was able to get it to work.


 --- On Mon 03/08, Vivek Nagulapati < > wrote:
From: Vivek Nagulapati [mailto:]
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 11:58:21 -0600
Subject: Message-style web services

Hello Guys,<br><br>I am trying to implement message-style web services using one
of the <br>examples provided in the Axis distribution i.e., the one in <br>"samples/message/".<br><br>No
matter how I change the implementation in, it returns <br>the SAME
SOAP request received as my SOAP response to the client.<br><br>Here is my Web
service's implementation:<br><br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>public
Element[] echoElements(Element [] elems) throws java.lang.Exception{<br><br> 
      Element[] elem = null;<br><br>        elem[0] = XMLUtils.StringToElement("urn:foo","e1",
"Hello");<br><br>        return elem;<br>    }<br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>Theoretically,
this method should return an element which is as follows in <br>the SOAP response.<br><br><ns1:e1
xmlns:ns1="urn:foo">Hello</ns1:e1><br><br>But, to my surprise no matter
what kind of SOAP request this service <br>receives, it is sending back the same payload
as my SOAP response. Why is <br>this happening?<br><br>I tried putting some
System.out.println's in my service's implementation but <br>they are not getting printed
either. So does that mean that the control is <br>not reaching my service ? Is that
a possibility?<br><br>TIA for any pointers or suggestions!!<br>Vivek<br><br>_________________________________________________________________<br>Get
a FREE online computer virus scan from McAfee when you click here. <br><br><br>


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