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Subject Re: Very Basic Problem with operation invocation
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 17:44:46 GMT

Don't define elements named foo bar and wow.

In your message just change the types of f b and w to xsd:string and instead of 
using element use type


<message name="testTwoIn">
  <part name="foo" type="xsd:string" /> 
  <part name="bar" type="xsd:string" /> 
<message name="testTwoOut">
  <part name="wow" type="xsd:string" /> 



Quoting Kartik <>:

> Hi Folks.
> I have attached the very simple WSDL (paramtest.wsdl)
> that I am testing with.  I have a couple of issues and
> it would be great if someone can point some
> solutions/references.
> In my WSDL, I have a single operation as shown belo
> (java mapping):
> String testTwo(String f, String b);
> The operation takes two Strings and returns the
> "hello" back.
> I run a simple C#.NET client (I also tried IONA Artix
> C++ clients with the same results) which creates a
> proxy and calls:
>   ParamTestService service = new ParamTestService();
>   string result = service.testTwo("abcd", "wxyz");
> When I try to invoke on the operation, I can see on
> the Tomcat console, that only the first argument
> ("abcd") reaches the service.  The second argument
> never reaches the service!  If I do a
> System.out.println on f and b in my operation
> implementation, I see "abcd" for f (first arg), but I
> see 'null' for b (second arg)!
> Does anyone know of any such issues or if you can find
> a problem in my WSDL, that would be too good.  But I
> think my WSDL looks okay, because other WebService
> tool-kits to build my service and tested the
> interoperability (.NET (C#), Artix (C++), XMLBus
> (Java)), the same WSDL can generate the servers and
> clients fine with correct invocations on all
> cross-combinations.  It seems that only Axis is having
> some problems :(
> PS: I looked at the request SOAP message received by
> Axis, and it DOES have the second argument's value -
> but somewhere in reading the incoming message or
> parsing it, it loses the second argument.
> Please try out the service - it will not take more
> than 10 minutes ... See steps below:
> - Copy the WSDL to a temp location
> - Generate the server side code:
> java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java -s -a
> paramtest.wsdl
> - Provides a sample implementation of the
> org/apache/ka/ methods.
> - Build and deploy the service on Tomcat.
> - Generate client code using the local/deployed WSDL.
> - Build and run the client to invoke the method
> testTwo().
> - See the SOAP messages and the behavior or the
> service
> Thank you ...
> Kartik
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