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From "Justin Leung" <>
Subject Can I make a multiple args ws call between PHP Pear and Axis?
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 04:25:18 GMT
Hi all,

I use Axis server and php client, using Pear. Refer to some beginner guide
on the internet, I successfully make a "Hello world" call. But when I build
my real-life application, when using multiple args call, eg. dummy(String s,
int i, Date d), Axis seems never parse the SOAP message, and the call always

But if I use Axis to make a Java client to call the same Axis server, the
call works fine.

Anyone can point me the light to use the Pear package correctly or needs any
configuration in Axis? or any more advanced tutorial talking about Pear and

Thanks in advance.

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