Hi there,
I am extremely new to Axis and SOAP, and am trying to solve this for the past 2 days, without and luck.

I am running into a problem when I am trying to deserialize incoming data.
I get the following exception.
SimpleDeserializer encountered a child element, which is NOT expected, in something it was trying to deserialize.
        at org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.SimpleDeserializer.onStartChild(SimpleDeserializer.j

I read thru' many of the posts, and I have registered all my sub-classes with BeanSerializers and De-serializer. I still get this exception.
My return type is a complex type which has 2 other complex types in it.
        <requests xsi:type="Array" arrayType="SearchRequest[1]">
        <columnHeadings type="soap:Array"/>
                <userErrors> </userErrors>
                <results xsi:type="Array" arrayType="SearchView[3]">
                        <SearchView> ....   </SearchView>
                <systemErrors> </SystemErrors>

I have registered outMsg, header, answer, SearchView, SearchRequest, userErrors, systemErrors.  Basically I have registered all the complex types that I expect in the return object.
I am registering it like this. nameSpace is ="", since there isn't one defined in the wdss.
        qName = new javax.xml.namespace.QName(nameSpace, "outMsg");
        call.registerTypeMapping(EIResponse.class, qName, beanSF, beanDF);

I don't know if I'm registering it incorrect, since I'm not sure what I should put in the namespace, I tried several different things but none work.

Any Help will be greatly appreciated.