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Subject ws publication without static code.
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 19:30:35 GMT

I wanna expose some backend functionality, but I don't wanna make the
tedious task of coding each method invocation, cause they'll be just
wrappers to db stored procedures. In fact, I'd like to code just a
generic web service's method caller, which take the method name as

I've taken a look into the Axis docs, and it seems (maybe I'm wrong),
that methods must be statically located into some java class. I'd wanna
control both, the methods invocation(getting the method name from
somewhere) and the wsdl generation; in fact, I already have classes that
make this job(can receive/return DOM Nodes or serialized xml data), but
I'm not sure about how to plug them into Axis. Any suggestions about it? 


dario estepario ... 

ps: Yes, the current rdbms I'm using, has some "automatic" stored
procedure publication as web services(also using, the generated code
paradigm). But I wanna make my ws stuff, without depeding on that. 

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