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Subject How to turn on validation? Axis 1.1
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:20:52 GMT

  I defined a type like the following in my WSDL:

   <simpleType name="CustomerNumber">
     <restriction base="xsd:string">
       <maxLength value="12"/>

  The code generation with wsdl2java seems to work fine. The invocation on the
server-side works well too, but when building a simple Test-Client with the
generated classes I expected it to throw some kind of exception if I send a
customer number with more than 12 characters. It doesn't.

  Do I need to enable validation explicitly? I haven't found any reference to
that when search the docs and the web. Would I do this in server-config.wsdd? I
didn't find any handler to do this?!

  On a sidebar.WSDL2Java seems to exit with System.exit(n). Any particular
reason for doing it this way? I needed to built a dummy SecurityManager to work
around it in order to generate more than one WSDL from within a single call to a
wrapping class.

  May I voice to little things, which I believe could be better? When using a
wrong address as an endpoint, which just returns plain html, then the error
message is just that there is no root element (SaxParseException). This is easy
to understand after solving this the first time, but before that it is hard to
start see where to start debugging with this message.

  It would also appreciate if I could pass the name of the implementation class
to wsdl2java, so that I can refer to a non-generated class from a different
package structure.

  Does this make sense? Should I file bug reports?

  Btw. Great tool. I am very impressed.


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