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From "Shah, Soniya M. [RA]" <>
Subject RE: how to sepcify certificate alias
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 17:44:56 GMT
I use a different alias for each certificate and it is working. I have about
10 certificates in the trust store file and the client can talk to each of
those server.

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From: bethana kumar [] 
Sent: Τετάρτη, 11 Φεβρουαρίου 2004 12:08 μμ
Subject: RE: how to sepcify certificate alias

I really do not understand how come JSSE does not allow specifying the
while the keystore file can store multiple certificates


U can give different alias name for each certificate....if u give different
names then we can store multiple certfictes in same keystore.


Why dont u read application specific parameters from web.xml...we have done
this type ..

what we made is that in our web.xml we made  CERTIFICATE FILE  as a key and
its values are different for different  application 


passPhrase="abcd"; //password for this keystore.

here dialogsKeystore.bin contains all certificates relevant to this

In your code u can write like this


Security.setProperty("",passPhrase); wrote:

We are using IBM implementation.

We want to deploy two applications into the same JVM and what we have done
so far is
to define the system properties directly as JVM parameters. So both
applications share the
same system properties, and hence the same keystore file path.

Even we put these definitions into the application code, I think that won't
work either
because the second application that runs the code for setting system
properties will
change the system properties values set by the first application at run
time (the first
application refers to the application that runs the system properties
values setting code first).

I really do not understand how come JSSE does not allow specifying the
while the keystore file can store multiple certificates.

Thanks for the comments.


Leo de Blaauw 

> cc: 
Subject: RE: how to sepcify certificate alias 
11/02/2004 02:44 
Please respond to 


Well the short answer is it depends on the ssl library you use, for
instance sun or ibm.
Both, as far as i know, dont allow you to do this out of the box. In my
experience they
they both take the first client certificate found in the key store. We just
use a different
key store per client. You could write your own keymanager class wich
subclasses the
keymanager of your ssl implementation, but i have not found a working way
yet on
using that from within axis.


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Van: []
Verzonden: dinsdag, februari 2004 20:53
Onderwerp: how to sepcify certificate alias

I have two applications that access a web service. We use HTTPS for
authenticatoin and encryption.
We can get these applications access the service with one certificate
stored in one keystore file,
but we want them to use two different certificats. The two certificates can

be saved in one keystore file.
Both applications run inside the same application server instance (JVM).

The problem is that we can use system property to specify where the
keystore file is, but I can not find
in JSSE document how a certificate alias is specified to tell which
applicaiton is using which certificate.

Any idea?



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