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From <>
Subject RE: Axis 1.1 Memory leaks
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 17:07:01 GMT
Hi Ian,
increasing the heap size is a risky solution in my opinion, because (at least in my case)
I will never know when the memory will be enough to handle my large xml document.
I believe that there is some inefficiency in Axis code when it comes to handle
large xml documents. In the next days I will perform some JProbe checking to see
which component is eating all the memory.

Check out this thread:


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Subject: Re: Axis 1.1 Memory leaks

FWIW, we run with an initial heap size of 256MB and a max heap size of
512MB, and that seems to work pretty welll...


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>Last week we did some heavy testing on the web service and we
>discovered that we cannot send documents bigger than 1.5Mb. Axis
>fails with a OutOfMemory exception.

How are you encoding the file you're sending? Is it some sort of SOAP
attachment, or is it an element in the query?

Your most direct fix is to increase JVM memory, as you found via the
-Xmx flag. 32 megs is just not a lot of heap.

I've noticed Axis is not terribly memory efficient - using 20 megs of
RAM to handle 1 meg of data seems about typical. Things got a lot
better when I configured Axis to not send xsi:type data when
generating messages. I don't know if that made Axis in general more
efficient, or it was just the fact that the XML is smaller.

The title of your message is "memory leaks", but your experience is
really about memory inefficiency. Do you also have evidence of an
actual memory leak, something where memory is not returned after the
call is over?

PS - I've noticed that axis-user has about 95% questions and 5%
answers. That's too bad! I'm going to try answering questions I know
the answers to, maybe others can as well? I bet there's a market for
Axis consultants out there :-)

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