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From "Matt Munz" <>
Subject RE: Axis 1.1 Memory leaks
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:07:50 GMT


  Have you verified this by looking at the code?  I haven't had the time to do that yet. 
If Axis is building the DOM before writing to the socket, I really want to know why.  


  - Matt



From: [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 10:24 AM
Subject: RE: RE: Axis 1.1 Memory leaks


Hi Matt, 
> Intuitively, and perhaps naively, I find it hard to understand the extent of the memory
ramp-up.  It almost 
> appears as if the entire DOM is being built before writing to the socket begins?  This
couldn't be the 
> case,right? 
I'm afraid it is the case. I really don't see any other reason why Axis should fail when it
receives a large xml document with an OutOfMemoryException.

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From: Matt Munz [] 
Sent: Wednesday 25 February 2004 16:13 
Subject: RE: Axis 1.1 Memory leaks 


Hi all, 

  I am also having memory issues with large messages in Axis.  Are there any unit tests that
address this issue?  It seems to me that performance is very important for Axis, and that
excessive memory use is highly undesirable.  For sure, the (approximate) memory consumption-to-message
size ratio should be available in the documentation.  For my purposes, it is as important
as the SOAP compatibility measurements, since I have little use for features that are too
expensive for me to employ.

  Intuitively, and perhaps naively, I find it hard to understand the extent of the memory
ramp-up.  It almost appears as if the entire DOM is being built before writing to the socket
begins?  This couldn't be the case, right?

  - Matt 

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From: [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 7:29 AM 
Subject: Réf. : RE: Axis 1.1 Memory leaks 



I see your message and this url. Is it possible to know what are the xml parsers 
you have used to reduce objects in memory... We have the same problems with 
Thanks for your answer, 

> A year or so ago we ran into a problem like this, but it wasn't with 
> Axis - it was Xerces. A change of parser massively reduced the number of 
> objects being created and destroyed, and greatly improved performance 
> (this parser wouldn't do you any good, we wrote it to specifically solve 
> this problem and had complete control over the XML being parsed). You 
> might want to try Axis with a different parser. 

> Hi Ian, 
> increasing the heap size is a risky solution in my opinion, because (at least in my case)

> I will never know when the memory will be enough to handle my large xml document. 
> I believe that there is some inefficiency in Axis code when it comes to handle 
> large xml documents. In the next days I will perform some JProbe checking to see 
> which component is eating all the memory. 


> Check out this thread: 


> Luciano 

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