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From Kartik <>
Subject Re: SOAP bindings questions: Http and JMS
Date Sun, 29 Feb 2004 19:55:32 GMT
Hi Mike,

I am not sure about the standards, but IONA's Artix
provides transports for SOAP or HTTP, JMS, CORBA and
others, may be checking out a few articles on their
site would be beneficial.


--- Mike DuVall <> wrote:
> My understanding of the SOAP bindings situation is
> as follows:
> The official SOAP specification provides a standard
> binding for how to 
> communicate SOAP messages over Http.  This is the
> reason that different SOAP 
> over Http providers can expect to interoperate;
> because there is a defined 
> standard on how to do things.
> Further, it is my understanding that there is no
> official standard binding 
> for how to do SOAP over JMS.  This means if that any
> two parties develop 
> there own mechanism for doing SOAP over JMS, there
> is no reason to expect 
> these two different implementations to interoperate.
>  In fact, one should 
> expect that they would NOT interoperate.
> More specifically, if a company was to independantly
> come up with a 
> mechanism for doing SOAP over JMS, they should
> expect that it would not 
> interoperate with the Axis implementation of doing
> SOAP over JMS.
> Can someone knowledgable in this area please confirm
> whether the above is 
> correct?  And if it is not correct, where have I
> gone amiss?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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