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From "Jerry Cole" <>
Subject Problem with WSDL Validation when Generated by Apache-Axis Web Publisher.
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2004 03:28:26 GMT
Sorry to re-send this note, but has no one had a problem with 3rd party
WSDL validators not liking WSDL generated by the Axis WS Publisher
running under Tomcat?

I'm checking out the Axis Web Publisher that runs as a webapp under
Tomcat. I'm using Axis 1.1 and Tomcat 5.0.
The WSDL generated by the AdminClient looks okay to me (I am not an
expert) and works when called through the Axis client libraries
However, a proxy server that we have complains that the WSDL is invalid
and I was able to verify that it is considered invalid by a few WSDL
validators I googled (e.g. the one under Tools at
Unfortunately, these validators don't tell you anything about what's
wrong. ("Can't parse" is the usual message.  It is NOT  a problem with
finding the location.)
Even the Version example's WSDL (that comes with Axis) is considered to
be invalid by these tools.
Any thoughts as to why these are invalid and how to get around it?
Jerry Cole
206.769.9312 - mobile
206.374.4603 - office
206.720.6945 - home office

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