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Subject Réf. : Re: How to send custom exception through SOAP message ?
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 12:07:23 GMT
"jerome moliere" <>
22/01/2004 12:00
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        Objet : Re: How to send custom exception through SOAP message ?

>Hi damien,
>I guess that your custom exceptions may be child from remote exceptions
>because they must serialized....
Extract from
"If a method is marked as throwing an Exception that is not an instance or 
a subclass of java.rmi.RemoteException, then things are subtly different "

So, it is possible, according to the doc. I did exactly what is written 
then (ie a subclass of Exception, with setter for 1 field, + a constructor 
with 1 parameter), but I can't find in Axis response any reference to my 
custom field "silo"

Remember, the exception is declared like this :
<wsdl:message name="RemoteFonctionnelException">
  <wsdl:part name="silo" type="xsd:int"/>

In the response, class name can be found, but nothing else ! Do I have to 
override toString() method, then to parse it for the client ?



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