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From "Marepalli, Somesh" <>
Subject Problems with Axis generated Java beans from XSD
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 18:16:28 GMT

    I am using a WSDL (which refers to an XSD) to generate the skeleton
code for web services...

    Axis is generating bean classes correctly for the most part.
However, it's generating some bean classes prefixed with an "_" and this
creates problems when I try to deploy the web service. For classes
starting with an "_", the generated deploy.wsdd file has occurrences of
"_" replaced with a ">" in the typeMapping entries and the service is
not deployed correctly.


    What rules does Axis follow to decide what beans to generate? I
would assume only the ones needed by operations (and their dependencies)
would be generated. I can't understand the generation of certain bean
classes and I don't know why some are named the way they are (starting
with a "_"). 


    Is there a way to correct this?


Somesh Marepalli


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