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From "Richard Martin" <>
Subject RE: XML within string parameter to RPC Service
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 23:06:06 GMT
Hi Tom,

While SOAP does contain an xml declaration, it's not a problem that the
String contains one. The less than (<) and greater than (>) characters are
replaced with entity references, so the first line becomes:

&lt;? xml version="1.0 ?&gt;

which means nothing to a parser so it ignores it. 



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From: tom ONeill [] 
Sent: 07 January 2004 17:38
Subject: Re: XML within string parameter to RPC Service

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your response.
I do not have a choice on the type of web service to use i.e. RPC or 
messaging. The web service is provided by an external partner and they have 
decided upon RPC so that is what I have to go with. So because Axis changes 
all markup characters into their entity references I do not have to worry 
about wrapping the XML string in a CDATA section.

Another question I know have is if there is any side effect of the XML 
string passed as a parameter to the RPC having a prolog which includes the 
XML declaration. What I have in effect is a SOAP document with the XML 
prolog and declaration and then another XML declaration within the character

data content of an element within a SOAP document. Will this cause problems?

Is it correct that the content of a SOAP element includes an XML 


From: Richard Martin <>
Subject: XML within string parameter to RPC Service
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 18:08:50 -0000
Content-Type: text/plain;

Hi tom,

Comments inline:

>Hi all,
>I am going to be using Axis to invoke an RPC style web service which takes
>a single string parameter. This string parameter is going to contain an XML

>message. What I am wondering is if I need to wrap this String in a CDATA 
>section before I invoke the web service?

You don't need to wrap it. Technically if you are passing XML then RPC isn't
the best way to go - a message based service would be better if you can
stand using org.w3c.dom classes.

>>>From reading the XML specification it says that character data consists of
>any text that does not contain markup. However my string value will contain

>markup. I have tested invoking the web service without wrapping my String
>in a CDATA section and have found that Axis has changed all the markup 
>characters into their respective entity references (i.e. < has become >)

AXIS has to remove all of the restricted characters in XML ( <, >, and & )
and put entity references or it will break the XML parsers in both the
client and server. To my knowledge however, these references are
automagically replaced by axis before invoking the web service - so if you
are invoking a web service with a String argument containing XML, it
shouldn't contain any entity references.



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