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From Carbone Cedric <C.Carb...@NEOPOST.FR>
Subject RE: Using Castor with AXIS
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:55:36 GMT
Hi James,

This is the URL in Axis CVS to download the stuff you search :
I hope this URL help U.

Cedric Carbone
Neopost Industrie
For your information, i used, thanks an IBM tutorial ( see IBM's article ),
Castor XML into Axis, 3 months ago.
However, I have finded bugs with WSDL2Java tool when my message is complex
(in fact, where my XSD is complex).
Today, I haven't fix the problem with complex XML Schema so I use Castor XML
outside Axis framework.

This is my message I sended 3 months ago on axis-mailing list :
The problem (described in this article) happens when I use the WSDL2Java
tool, with my WSDL (my WSDL import a complex XSD file (between <types>
For each complexType, WSDL2Java generate an invalid XML by misplacing a fex
'<' and '>' in the output. For example, in the WSDD file, the qname attribut
of typeMapping tag contains 'ns:>message>request>elem'
I think the problem is that WSDL2Java replaces each underscore in the name
of data classes (this classes will be replace by Castor XML generation) with
> in WSDD file.
So the class com.neopost.schema._message_request_elem (type attribute)
becomes ns:>message>request>elem (qname attribute).

Note that this bug appears not only on a WSDD generated file. For example,
in a MessageSOAPBindingStub class, I get :
qName = new javax.xml.namespace.QName("",
in the constructor.

Note that I use Axis 1.1 from CVS version (because the version 1.1 final
don't contain org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.castor.* package).

Would you have any suggestion that might help me to solve my problem ?
Do you think this could be fixed in a near future. I found the idea of
mixing Axis and Castor capabilities really appealing but I would not
recommend to use it as it is because of a obvious lack of "polish".

Cedric Carbone
Neopost Industrie

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Envoye : mercredi 21 janvier 2004 15:40
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Objet : Using Castor with AXIS


I'm relatively new to using AXIS, but have been using Castor for some 

Currently I generate classes using Castor, and also need to generate 
similar classes (only on the client side) for Axis using the WSDL2Java 

I have seen org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.castor mentioned in some posts, 
but cannot find it in CVS, or the 1.1 version of Axis which I have 
I understand this might help me.

As I need to only do client side, is there any document that describes how 
to go through the process of using Castor generated classes on client side 
with Axis? 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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