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From Akacem Mohammed <>
Subject in which case is a ServiceException thrown?
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 07:54:53 GMT

my client try to call a metode on the webservice und I get a RemoteException. Any idea when
a RemoteException is thrown.

I would like to know also when is a ServiceException  thrown. ( I can not debug because my
client is running on Production machine).
I know the webservice is running( I tried a client code which is opening  a connection to
the webservice and calling the same Methode with succes).

thanks for any help

hier is a snippet of my code

{ // 
SteaImport-WebService benutzen SteaServiceServiceLocator loc = new SteaServiceServiceLocator();
 String address = setup.getServer()+setup.getService(); 
URL endpoint = new; 
SteaService serv = loc.getSteaService(endpoint); 

// StatusHolder -Objekt generieren
 StatusHolder sh_info = new StatusHolder(); 
sh_info.value = new Status(); // DStNr wird im WebService nicht verwendet 
GrndsTrace.msg(METHOD_NAME, 7, "Datentransfer wird gestartet "); 
serv.transfer(this.xml_asString, 0, sh_info, "username", "password"); 
st_steaImpMsg = sh_info.value.getErrorMessage();
 i_steaImpCode = sh_info.value.getErrorCode(); 

if (i_steaImpCode == 0)System.out.println ( "succeded");
else System.out.println ( "failed");


catch (RemoteException ex) { 
 throw new CoarbConnectionException("APPS_CoarbCon_010", ex); 
catch (MalformedURLException ex) { 
throw new CoarbConnectionException("APPS_CoarbVali_010", ex); 
 catch (ServiceException ex) { 
throw new CoarbConnectionException("APPS_CoarbCon_010", ex); 

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