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From Thomas Bolioli <>
Subject Re: .NET compat issue...
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 22:21:20 GMT
It does take a QName but it is not setting it properly. I get this output:

  <xmldata xmlns=""> from this call.setOperationName(new 
QName("")); and many variations including adding the 
method name as one of the arguments.
Also, now when I set the OperationUse and the OperationStyle the 
response back from the .NET based SOAP server I get raises the below 
exception. I coded this manually instead of using the WSDL. Rumor has it 
you can feed it the WSDL descriptor and it will handle creating code for 
this. How do I do that. I lost patience with this a long time ago and I 
just need to get this done.

Caught Exception (org.xml.sax.SAXException: SimpleDeserializer 
encountered a child element, which is NOT expected, in something it was 
trying to deserialize.)
- Exception:
org.xml.sax.SAXException: SimpleDeserializer encountered a child 
element, which is NOT expected, in something it was trying to deserialize.
        at org.apache.axis.message.RPCElement.getParams(
        at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(
        at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(
        at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(
        at org.masstech.pts.SOAP.PostString(
        at org.masstech.pts.SOAP.PostMonthlyStringTest(
        at arClient.main(

Dennis Sosnoski wrote:

> This depends on your client code. If you're generating client code 
> from the service WSDL Axis should take care of everything 
> automatically. In this case either there's an error in the WSDL or a 
> bug in Axis.
> If you're using DII to invoke the service directly, you need to 
> specify the namespace yourself (using the setOperationName() method of 
> the Call object that takes a QName, I think - I haven't used this in a 
> while). You'd also configure the encoding on the Call object to avoid 
> the extraneous encodingStyle attribute on the response, using the 
> setOperationUse("literal") call, I think, and 
> setOperationStyle("document") would hopefully eliminate the xsi:type 
> information.
>  - Dennis
> Thomas Bolioli wrote:
>> Thanks but I have no idea how to add the namespace declaration using 
>> the axis api (no obvious answer in the Call API) so any help there 
>> would be greatly appreciated. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed??? 
>> If so I can look into it if someone can point me to the correct class 
>> to start editing. I have limited knowledge on the Axis API so a 
>> pointer to start would be helpful.
>> Thanks,
>> Tom
>> Dennis Sosnoski wrote:
>>> Probably the more important issue here is that Axis is generating 
>>> the testpostdata element (and child element) without a namespace, 
>>> while judging from the VB client request these need to be in the 
>>> namespace. If the element's in the wrong 
>>> (or no) namespace, it's garbage.
>>> - Dennis
>>> Dennis M. Sosnoski
>>> Enterprise Java, XML, and Web Services Support
>>> Redmond, WA  425.885.7197
>>> Jim Murphy wrote:
>>>> Looks like the .NET service is doc/lit and the axis client is 
>>>> sending an rpc/encoded request. Notice the 
>>>> encodingStyle="" attribute 
>>>> on the Body child element.
>>>> Thomas Bolioli wrote:
>>>>> I am writing an Axis client to interface with a VB.NET soap 
>>>>> service and I am having an issue with the axis client (vb client 
>>>>> apparently works) where the soap service is not getting the string 
>>>>> being passed through the only function and argument the service 
>>>>> takes. Below are the two envelopes. What could be causing this? 
>>>>> Since it is authenticating, I am pretty sure the problem is in the 
>>>>> body of the envelope and not the header. I am at a loss since the 
>>>>> differences (see testpostdata and xmldata elements) between these 
>>>>> two are minimal and seem to be more semantic than anything of 
>>>>> substance.
>>>>> Thanks in advance,
>>>>> Tom
>>>>> VB.Net Client envelope
>>>>> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><soap:Envelope 
>>>>> xmlns:soap=""
>>>>> xmlns:xsi=""
>>>>> xmlns:xsd="">
>>>>> <soap:Header>
>>>>> <cAuthentication xmlns="">
>>>>> <UserName>username</UserName>
>>>>> <Password>******</Password>
>>>>> </cAuthentication>
>>>>> </soap:Header>
>>>>> <soap:Body>
>>>>> <testpostdata xmlns="">
>>>>> <xmldata>String Here...
>>>>> </xmldata>
>>>>> </testpostdata></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>
>>>>> Axis client envelope
>>>>> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
>>>>> <soapenv:Envelope 
>>>>> xmlns:soapenv="" 
>>>>> xmlns:xsd="" 
>>>>> xmlns:xsi="">
>>>>> <soapenv:Header>
>>>>> <ns1:cAuthentication soapenv:mustUnderstand="0" 
>>>>> xmlns:ns1="">
>>>>> <ns1:UserName>username</ns1:UserName>
>>>>> <ns1:Password>*******</ns1:Password>
>>>>> </ns1:cAuthentication>
>>>>> </soapenv:Header>
>>>>> <soapenv:Body>
>>>>> <testpostdata 
>>>>> soapenv:encodingStyle="">
>>>>> <xmldata xsi:type="xsd:string">String Here...
>>>>> </xmldata>
>>>>> </testpostdata>
>>>>> </soapenv:Body>

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