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From Tony Opatha <>
Subject Re: Can AXIS 1.1 Web Services have operations sharing same Requests/Responses?
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 18:52:32 GMT

Hi Anne,

Thanks for your clarification. 

So, if the WS-I BP 1.0 requirement is to ensure that each operation have a unique input message
for (Doc/Lit based SOAP messaging) then it seems we can possibly satisfy that requirement
by allowing the one operation's input message be derived-by-extension fromanother operation's
input message. 

Are there any restriction that the derived-by-extension input message

is defined in a different namespace, possibly?

Thanks again.


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From: Anne Thomas Manes []

Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 5:38 AM


Subject: Re: Can AXIS 1.1 Web Services have operations sharing same




I can't answer your question regarding the behavior of Axis, but according 

to the WS-I Basic Profile, each operation must have a unique message 

signature, which is defined by the qname of the child element of the 

<env:Body> element. (When using Doc/Literal, the child element of the 

<env:Body> is the element specified in the input message body <part> 

element attribute.) Therefore each operation must use a unique input 

message. No such restriction exists for the output message.


At 11:18 AM 1/15/2004, you wrote:

>In AXIS using the WSDL2Java tool it seems that for Document style SOAP 

>messages, i.e., Doc/Lit messaging option, there is a limitation that if we 

>have more than two or

>more operations for a given web service then each of those web services 

>have to

>have different (i.e., unique) Request and Response types defined as part 

>of the

>wsdl:message component definition:


>- Ops1Request

>- Ops1Response

>- Ops2Request

>- Ops2Response


>where Ops1Request and Ops1Response will be processed by the web service's

>Ops1 operation, and Ops2Request and OpsResponse would be processed by

>the web service's Ops2 operation.


>Is it possible for some of the operations that are defined as part of the WSDL

>interface specification to re-use the Request and Response type for different



>Or, is true that AXIS 1.1 run-time has problems in handling multiple 

>operations within a web service?

>Does AXIS 1.1 depend on the unique request types such that Axis framework 

>knows exactly which operation that it should dispatch to?


>Is there a workaround for this in AXIS 1.1 and/or recommendation of how we 


>design the WSDL interface spec?


>Isn't this behaviour consistent with WSDL 1.1?


>Thanks for your help.


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