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From "Jeff" <>
Subject Re: WSDL with SOAP and HTTP GET/POST
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 21:16:16 GMT
Hi Thomas,

Messages that form the request/response for web services invoked through
HTTP GET/POST bindings are devoid of SOAP (they're dirty!). Hence, input
parameters are sent through a GET or POST in the usual HTML-form fashion and
method responses are simply what would otherwise appear as a SOAP body. This
sort of thing is _easy_ to implement by writing a servlet for each method
and returning text/xml from doGet() and doPost() (factor out the code from
the SOAP-binding web service and invoke it from the servlets). (Actually,
you need only write one servlet if you like: different URLs are required but
the deployment descriptor takes care of that and you can switch on the
trailing part of the URL inside your servlet.

If it's so easy then why doesn't WSDL2Java, JAX-RPC and Sun's Java WSDP
support it and why does the WS-I basic profile expressly prohibit it?
Because it's junk! Or, if I was being nasty, I could have said because it's
M$ Junk(TM)! HTTP GET/POST does not have good support for complex input
parameters and does not support SOAP header content. It seems, however, that
some folks like it for easy testing from HTML.


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From: "Thomas Dorner" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2004 4:16 AM
Subject: WSDL with SOAP and HTTP GET/POST

> I use Java2WSDL (AXIS) to generate WDSLs from a Java Interface. And
> WSDL2Java to generate the Java code for my Web Service (Stub, skeleton,
> client,
> locator, service...). Thats a really nice thing for SOAP-Bindings in the
> WSDL. But
> whats up, if i need a WSDL that describe both, a SOAP-Service and a
> Is their a tool that can generate a WSDL out of two Services?
> --> the Implementation of the SOAP-Service with the soap/http binding
> --> and the servlet as a HTTP GET/POST binding???
> And is their also a tool that can generate the source out of such a WSDL
> like WSDL2Java do?
> maybe only for the the SOAP-client???
> We want to offer our Servcie over SOAP and HTTP GET/POST!
> I Read over many Internetsites but cant find any answers!
> Thanks for all help!!!
> Totomar

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