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From "Berentey Zsolt" <>
Subject axis converts xsd:double with minoccurs=0 to soapenc:double
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 12:44:07 GMT

I have a java project that should communicate with a web service written in c++ (using gsoap
2.4). It has a WSDL that defines some classes with simple attributes like xsd:double. MinOccurs="0"
is also declared on these attributes, so they can be omitted. For Axis, this means that this
attribute is nillable and WSDL2Java converts the xsd:double namespace to soapenc:double to
generate a java.lang.Double attribute for the java class. While this should be OK, when I
send a message the value is serialized as soapenc:double and gsoap complains that it expects

Is there a workaround? Is this a problem with gsoap or axis? I couldn't really decide why
there couldn't be an xsi:type="xsd:double" with xsi:NIL="true". If anyone knows how this works
exactly please enlighten me.

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