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From "Karl Baum" <>
Subject fault tolerant bean serializer
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 17:29:25 GMT

When using the bean serializer, I have noticed that when there is an
extra field on the SOAP XML object which is not present on the client
side bean, a fatal SAXParser exception is thrown and the service fails.
Is it possible to make the bean serailizer and bean deserializer fault

A good example of a fault tolerant XML Serializer is the XMLEncoder and
XMLDecoder which comes with java 1.4  The java doc states the following:
"Fault tolerant: Non-structural errors in the file, caused either by
damage to the file or by API changes made to classes in an archive
remain localized so that a reader can report the error and continue to
load the parts of the document which were not affected by the error."

Is this behaviour easily possible with the axis bean serializers?



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