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From "Dharmendra Kumar" <>
Subject configuring a client to send request via a proxy server
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2003 00:04:48 GMT
hi all:
0. i was able to go past a proxy server but not an authenticated proxy
by using the snippet listed in 1.
1. i read the solutions posted on the mailing list about sending a
request via a proxy server..the generic solution seems to me as:
        System.setProperty( "proxySet", "true" );
        System.setProperty( "http.proxyHost", "proxyserver" );
        System.setProperty( "http.proxyPort", "proxyport" );

        System.setProperty("http.proxyUser", "xxx");
        System.setProperty("http.proxyPassword", "yyy");
         where i assume "xxx" and "yyy" are in clear text.
2. i am using an authenticating proxy server and it throws a HTTP 407
(essentially a authentication exception)
3. does axis support authenticating proxy server?
4. one article at java forum (i'm including the link below talks about
Base64Encoding the authentication info proxyUser/proxyPassword pair.)
is that what needs to be done?..and provided this being the case should
that be passed to the System.setProperty as a param?
5. i haven't seen the proxyUser and proxyPassword properties mentioned
in the FAQ section of your website..the only info i could find out.
    it does mention the -D solution but i want a way to configure it
within the client so the user can change the info if they so desire (a
shrink wrapped application!).
6. is there anyway to use the Authenticator class provided by J2SE to
override the invoke method of Axis?..any ideas!..or am i doing something
wrong that it's not working?..has anybody tested axis on an
authenticating proxy server?
7. axis doesn't expose the URLConnection object which has to be
modified in case of a proxy authentication scenario..all that is
available is the invoke what should be done?

p.s.: any help is greatly appreciated!

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