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From kriddoff <>
Subject Re: Difference between JAXRPCHandler and <handlerInfoChain>
Date Sat, 06 Dec 2003 12:45:05 GMT
Hi Thilo!

One difference is that org.apache.axis.handlers.JAXRPCHandler extends 
BasicHandler. So it fits into the Handler policy of Axis. And it can be 
deployed as handler in every chain you want (transport, global, 
service). With handlers implementing javax.xml.rpc.handler.Handler and 
deployed in a <handlerInfoChain> I don't know. There may be some 
Perhaps the following mailinglist-thread can help a bit:

Another interesting thing to know is, that the 
org.apache.axis.handlers.JAXRPCHandler class ignores the return value of 
the handleRequest and the handleResponse methods (lines 82 and 84 of in the axis 1.1).
This implies that you cannot return from a chain without throwing an 
exception: As the api-docs state for javax.xml.rpc.handler.Handler the 
return value of the mentioned methods would affect the processing of the 
chain the handler is part of. Wrapped into the JAXRPCHandler this is no 
longer valid. So the chain (if not interrupted by an AxisFault) will 
continue to the Pivot point of the service.
(Someone correct me, if I'm wrong).

What would interest me in this case is if/how a combination of both 
approaches (<handlerInfoChain> and <requestFlow>, <responseFlow>) works.


Thilo Frotscher wrote:
> Hi!
> There are two ways how you can deploy a JAX-RPC handler.
> 1) use <handlerInfoChain> in the service definition
> 2) wrap it using JAXRPCHandler
> What's the difference?
> It seems that all handlers that were deployed using handlerInfoChain
> are called between the global chain and the SOAPService (on the server
> side), or between the global chain and the Transport Sender (on the
> client side), respectively. On the other hand, JAXRPCHandler can
> be deployed in any chain, like a transport specific chain or the
> global chain. Is this correct?
> If yes: why is there <handlerInfoChain> if I can deploy JAX-RPC
> handlers anywhere I like using JAXRPCHAndler?
> Thanks,
> Thilo

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