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From "Tony Vieitez" <>
Subject RE: Authentication - Could anyone help me plzzzzzzz
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 13:08:35 GMT
OK, so if you have a container managed username and password protected
web service, and the client classes are generated from the wsdl, if the
person implementing the client code knows the usernmame and password,
what would be the code for implementing access to the web service?
Also, if anyone knows any articles on axis authentication/security, I
would appreciate info on this
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From: Harald Pollak [] 
Sent: 04 December 2003 12:59
Subject: Re: Authentication - Could anyone help me plzzzzzzz
as i have understood:

The handler is a thing befor the WS ( not part of it ) and the WSDL
describe the WS - so elements only used in handler shouldn't and
couldn't be described in Webservice, so you can only tell your opposit
what to do in document the webservice in hardware ways ( email, letters,
tell him ... ).

best regards 

Am Don, den 04.12.2003 schrieb Yogesh Pant um 13:49: 
Hello ppl,
I have got a custom authentication handler. It authenticates the
incoming message very well.
My problem is that the generated wsdl has no mention of header elements
Do I need to configure the deployment descriptor a little bit more?
Please help.
Thanks in advance.
- yogesh
Sunil Iyengar <> wrote: 
Hi Tony,
If you wanted to use application level security, maybe try using
ws-security (encryption and signatures) using handlers in axis. You will
find quite a few links on
this in the axis mailing list.
You may have to design the authentication protocol and then implement
using ws-security.
Hope this helps :)


Sunil Iyengar,
Research Fellow, Networks Group,
Centre For Communication And Systems Research(CCSR),
School of Electronics, Computing & Mathematics,
University Of Surrey, Guildford GU2 7XH,
Surrey, England, United Kingdom.
Office: +44 (0)1483 686008

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Tony Vieitez wrote:

> Hi
> I asked a question on this subject recently, but I don't think I asked
> it clearly enough, because the answers I got back, although helpful,
> didn't quite give me the answer I was after. Now I understand a bit
> about authentication I can (hopefully) formulate my question a bit
> clearly. In fact, I have a number of questions which revolve around
> same subject:
> 1. I have implemented container level authentication, and have given
> client application access to the web service by implementing in this
> client the following code:
> call.setUsername("myUsername");
> call.setPassword("myPassword");
> This works fine. But how do I implement application level security,
> instead of just relying on the web container to authenticate the
> client?
> 2. As stated above, I have implemented container level authentication
> for the whole of the axis web app, and now I want to use the Axis 
> Servlet to administer the system, I have to provide a username and
> password but I get an unauthorised error. Here is what I did:
> At the command prompt I tried:
> java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient -l
> http://myserver:8080/axis/servlet/AxisServlet list
> I also tried:
> java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient -l
> http://myserver:8080/axis/servlet/AxisServlet -u myUsername -p
> myPassword list
> and I got this:
> Exception (401)Unauthorised
> As stated, this is container level security, which I would like to
> how to implement. I would also like to know how to implement
> level security, that is how to implement security that is part of axis
> and not just rely on the security features that comes with tomcat
> Any insight into any of these issues would be most gratefully received
> Tony

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