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Subject Re: Install/Deploy Axis 1.1 under WebSphere 5
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 20:54:44 GMT


One way to do this is by deploying an EAR to Websphere 5.0.

1. Create a war.
2. Put the Axis jars  in the war in WEB-INF\lib
3. Put  server-confi.wsdd in web-inf in the war.
4. Add the axis classes to your web.xml as in the attached web.xml.
5.  Make an EAR containing your war.
6. Deploy to Websphere either using the web interface or an ant task.

This way you don't have to make any changes to Websphere, I think Websphere
5.0 also has an older version of Xerces and Struts, you may not want to use
them either but if you change them it impacts other applications. If you
deploy your axis jars (and xerces) in your EAR then others can use a
different version.

You might want to get the Eclipse IDE (or Webpshere Studio), it has some
nice built in tools to create your EAR, run ant tasks to deploy and even
Junit code generators. Eclipse is free and Webpshere Studio is not very

(See attached file: web.xml)

Matt Hamburger
Bank One  Corporate Internet Group

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Dear all,

I've just started exploring Apache Axis 1.1 with Tomcat 4.X.
Now, for production, we will be using IBM WebSphere 5.0
my questions are :
1. I read it somewhere that IBM WebSphere came built in with Axis 1.0
   But after installing WebSphere , I couldn;t find it anywhere, eg
   is it really there or did I miss out something during installation ?

2. Do we actually install axis inside IBM WebSphere or IBM HTTP Server ? or
can be both ?
   Does IBM websphere also have web container or servlet engine like IBM
HTTP Server ?

3. if WebSphere has bundled Axis 1.0 inside, how to get rid of it and
replace it with Axis 1.1 ?
   or How do we install axis 1.1 inside IBM WebSphere or IBM HTTP Server ?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated

Thanks & Regards

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