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Subject RE: Configure services for JMS listener
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 13:41:34 GMT

Hi Ray,

I have problem to use JMSSender. The SOAP message seems to be correctly sended: I
have no error, but the SimpleJMSListener / SimpleJMSWorker don't receive it... I put
traces in these classes ( onMessage is never called ).
As a matter of fact, I think the message isn't sent because I browse my queue and
there is no message in it.
How can I fix the problem? My JMS server is JORAM.
Thanks for your answer and your help.

> Hi Thierry,
> 1. You'll need a connector and connection factory property map when
> you create the JMSTransport.  There aren't too many options right now.
> Take a look at SimpleJMSListener (createConnectorMap, createCFMap)
> for an idea of what you can pass in.
> Recently, we enhanced the JMS transport so that you could provide
> configuration  properties in the endpoint URL itself.  This would be
> one way to avoid the command line/property maps.  Please take a look
> in samples/jms/dii and samples/jms/stub for examples of this.

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