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From "Thompson, Eugene" <>
Subject Development cycle (and other) questions
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 18:03:10 GMT
I recently begun developing webservices using the axis tool kit and I've a
few questions I was hoping someone could shed some light on.
1. What is the "normal" development lifecycle? I've noticed that the
Java2WSDL-WSDL2Java path seems to require a lot of manual intervention. If
this is the norm, is there a standard pattern people use?
2. When I develop my own types, WDSL2Java recreates them with their
serialization(?) code included, but doesn't include other methods (alternate
ctors, etc); do I need to merge this new code with my originals? Or is there
another way of dealing with this (assuming I'm not screwing up to begin
3. I'm building a webservice that is going to be the basis for a business
venture. There are many methods/functions that are available to the clients.
Should these all be packaged within a single service or is it better to
break them up (possibly by category)? Could putting them all in a single
service cause a bottle-neck under high usage or will the axis servlet deal
with it "correctly"?

Thanks for your input,

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