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From Dennis Sosnoski <>
Subject Re: Why choose Axis?
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 22:11:48 GMT wrote:

>And as for Sun’s JWSDK, again, need more info.  My understanding is that
>they shunned the WS-I and Microsoft’s attempts to work on interop.  In effect,
>taking them out of the game.  A grim statement, if my understanding is still
>accurate.  Hopefully, if it is not, someone will clarify their position for us.
Just for the record, Sun did not shun the WS-I and interop. The actual 
situation is the exact opposite of what you portrayed: Bill Gates 
approved Microsoft's participation in WS-I only on the condition that 
Sun would not be invited, as shown by one of the emails that came out in 
the trials.

On the plus side for JAX-RPC RI, the 1.1 version included in JWSDP 1.3 
comes with WS-I BP support (something we're unlikely to see from Axis 
until sometime next year). Axis is definitely much easier to work with 
than the JAX-RPC RI, though, and I think with enough effort you can 
build BP-compliant applications using Axis (though only by bypassing the 
whole data binding implementation and working with a DOM view of the 
data, AFAIK - I put together a doc/lit service using attachments with 
this kind of approach last week).

  - Dennis

Dennis M. Sosnoski
Enterprise Java, XML, and Web Services Support
Redmond, WA  425.885.7197

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