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From Dan Christopherson <>
Subject Re: wsdl2java returns invalid characters in wsdd and .java
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2003 17:28:49 GMT
That generates code that compiles at least - right now I'm building some 
tests to see if it also works, but this is better.

The leading underscores are aesthetically ugly, though. Is there any 
thought of introducing a binding override file to allow declarative 
resolution of such name collisions, ala JAXB or Castor? Possibly 
introducing a feature so that JAXB or Castor source generators could be 
delegated to? There is already the capability of using Castor as a 
binding framework, isn't there?

thanks for all your work,

Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Dan,
> Can you check if the latest cvs with the patch (9085, 9086 at
> makes things a bit better? The
reason i
> have not checked the patches in is that i have some problems with our test cases which
i am trying
> to iron out with Ias.
> Thanks,
> dims
> --- Dan Christopherson <> wrote:
>>I wanted to post here with the (first) specific problem and see what 
>>your thoughts are before posting a bug. I want to emphasize that when I 
>>call this a complex schema, I'm not exagerating - 'complex' is the nice 
>>way to describe this beast. Given the sorts of things that are in this 
>>particular set of xsds, I'm not surprised that nothing is generating 
>>compilable code out of it.
>>The first problem I run into is that the schema in quesion (xCIL from 
>>oasis (available at 
>>defines several complex types (NameOfOrganisation being the first you 
>>run into) then defines several elements of the same name (there are 3 
>>NameOfOrganization elements defined in the schema) within other elements 
>>. The NameOfOrganisation elements are defined as extending the 
>>NameOfOrganisation complextype.
>>The short story is that this results in wsdl2java attempting to generate 
>>multiple NameOfOrganization classes. The root problem may be having a 
>>complexType and an element of the same name, although once that is 
>>settled, I'd not be surprised to run into the same error because of the 
>>multiple elements with the same name.
>>castor has several methods of taking care of this name collision issue, 
>>from putting a prefix or suffix on the end of all complexType classes to 
>>allowing explicit overrides of classnames for any schema object. Perhaps 
>>a similar facility would be appropriate for Axis? Perhaps merely tighter 
>>integration between wsdl2java and castor's sourcegen would be sufficient?
>>I'll experiment a little further and see if I can reproduce this issue 
>>with a simpler schema.
>>Davanum Srinivas wrote:
>>>We'd REALLY appreciate a bug report with a complete WSDL. So that we can fix the
problem with
>>>complex schema definitions. (
>>>--- Dan Christopherson <> wrote:
>>>>wsdl2java doesn't seem to work very well with more complex schema definitions
(like xCIL from 
>>>> You might also want to take a look at recent threads regarding
doc/literal -
>>>>working on making this work better, but there is a way to go yet.
>>>>This isn't necesarily a weakness specific to axis, mind, as I've also seen
similiar problems
>>>>commercial vendor tools once you start using these really complex schema sets.
>>>> wrote:
>>>>>I observed that whenever I do wsdl2java, the wsdd and .java files 
>>>>>generated have invalid '>' character at different places. Am I the
>>>>>one experiencing it? I didn't see any discussion around this issue. Is

>>>>>there a better way to get rid of that character than to remove it manually?
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