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From <>
Subject RE: Why choose Axis?
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 15:21:40 GMT

FWIW, last I checked, the WSTK (WSDK is websphere bundled with WSTK) 
was based on Axis.  Certainly the ETTK uses Axis.  My understanding is that
the WSTK wasn’t going to be further developed and that it is now developed
under the ETTK project.  Is that accurate?

To me, certainly right now, the key factor in selecting a web service framework
is its vigilance in pursuing interoperability with MSFT web service stacks.
Interop is the key motive for the design of web services (from what I have 
read anyway).  Certainly right now, this is not a very easy thing to do given
the instability and variety of MSFT’s offerings.  That is why I used the term
“vigilance”.  The reason I think this is important is because if you select a
WS framework that doesn’t interop with MSFT’s platforms, then you run
the risk of having to do a lot of work down the road.

Judging from the traffic on this listserv, my sense is that the Axis community
is headed in the right direction.

As for IBM, they have been the key interop partner with MSFT as the WS-* specs
have been developing.  But the ETTK is lagging the WSE2.0 TP for a few months now.
I hope they are still working on it, but I just don’t know.  As it stands, from what
I have seen IBM has implemented the largest subset of the GXA (WS-*) specs.

BEA purports to have some support for the GXA specs.  But what I have found
in their documentation is limited.  So I am unclear where they are headed.
More info need.

And as for Sun’s JWSDK, again, need more info.  My understanding is that
they shunned the WS-I and Microsoft’s attempts to work on interop.  In effect,
taking them out of the game.  A grim statement, if my understanding is still
accurate.  Hopefully, if it is not, someone will clarify their position for us.

It’s a slippery slope right now.  If I had to gamble, I would have to put my
money on Axis.  Apache has a very large community.  Hence, many more 
resources to add support for the WS-* specs on top of the Axis framework.  
Time will tell.  ☺  I think over the next couple of years a few other vendors
who are still in early development phases will come out of the woodwork.


PS: If you don’t care about interop down the road.  And you just really want to
use web services (SOAP/WSDL) so you can begin to realize the benefits of
loosely coupled services, then use whatever you want.  There are many SOAP
processors out there.  But IMO, the notion of policy (WS-Policy for example) is 
a key aspect of building service oriented architectures.  So I don’t see much
value in just using SOAP/WSDL when interop is of no concern.

PS2: No, I don't work for MSFT.

From: kishani Liyanage [] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 1:32 AM
Subject: Why choose Axis?

Can somebody please help me to clarify the following ?
What are the outstanding features that AXIS posses compared to other
web services development tools like IBM's-WSDK and sun's-jwsdk ?


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