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From Yan Lin <>
Subject common schema for session handling?
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 16:33:59 GMT

My project requirement is to use a Java Soap Engine with Java & C++ client side for web
The Java part is relatively easy: we'll use AXIS.  However, since AXIS C++ is not mature yet,
are looking at WASP C++ client side.

It seems that for stateful service, AXIS and WASP have defined different header schema for
handling and each of them has its own header processor..  Here is the header for AXIS:

  <ns1:sessionID soapenv:mustUnderstand="0" xsi:type="xsd:long"

And this is the header for WASP:

       <ns1:instance xmlns:ns1="">
            <setId>promethius:2003.11.14 07:51:58 GMT:1E43C0F479E2A7E6:2</setId>

This really makes it difficult when I tried to use stateful services between a AXIS server
WASP C++ client.

Should there be a common schema for session handling, since it's so largely used?  

Before there is a common schema, does anyone know how to handle this from AXIS side?



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