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From "Sanjaya Singharage" <>
Subject RE: Axis C++ and Apache 2.0
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 04:42:46 GMT

Now there is a working module of axis c++ for apache2.0. This is how you can try it.

The apache 2 module was tested on windows 2000 professional. It is yet to be tested on linux.
How ever it may run on linux without any problem. There is no binary distribution yet but

can get the source and build the apache 2 module easily with the following instructions.

To test the apache 2 module go to "" click on the link 

"documentation" and refer to the windows developer guide(WDG). This developer guide is written

for axis and Apache 1.3, therefore please substitute information (ie. apache installation

version, apache installation path) relevant for apache 2 when referring to this guide. You

should be able to follow the guide completely without any trouble (i.e. Build the apache 2

module and run the example).

When you start apache 2 you may have to start it as "apache -X" (Uppercase X) on a command

to make it run as a single process. 

NOTE: On the windows box this module was tested, apache refused to serve even the start up

when it was started as a service (i.e. "apache -k start")(And this was before any integration

was done for axis). And even when it was started as "apache -X" the apache process takes up

around 95%-99% of CPU time. This was observed with several versions of apache 2. This issue

still remains to be resolved in windows. Despite this, if "apache -X" is done you should be

able to test the apache 2 module.


  I will be working on the Apache 2.0 module and "hopefully" will finish it by end of \
  this week and would be included in axis c beta in the coming weeks. sanjaya.


  We're looking at using Axis C++ in the next few months. However, we need to be able \
  to use it in Apache 2.0. 

  When do you think the Apache 2.0 version will be ready?


  Simon Perkins

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