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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: Wsdl and Axis
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 10:03:42 GMT
If you look through the archives you'll find a number of postings on the 
differences between RPC, Wrapped, Document, and Message style services.

Axis WSDD RPC style generates a WSDL RPC/encoded style service.
Axis WSDD Wrapped, Document, and Message styles generate a WSDL 
Document/Literal service.

Hence you can use Wrapped, Document, or Message style to improve .NET interop.
Wrapped and Document styles let Axis perform the serialization and 
deserialization of messages. Message style leaves the serialization process 
to the application. (Axis just hands your application the raw XML).

To summarize:

- produces a parameterized RMI interface
- performs automatic serialization
- uses RPC/encoded
- produces a parameterized RMI interface
- performs automatic serialization
- uses doc/literal
- produces a non-parameterized RMI interface (client must wrap parameters 
in a JavaBean) - performs automatic serialization
- uses doc/literal
- uses a call interface passing XML
- applications must process XML
- uses doc/literal


At 09:46 PM 10/6/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>IIRC, message style is an artifact of the wsdd not wsdl.  You can (and 
>should) use document style with axis to achieve interop with .NET but its 
>not guaranteed.  You'll have to craft the schema types to make things 
>friendly to both code generators which means you'll have to write the wsdl 
>(at least tweak a generated copy) yourself.
>Jim Murphy
>Mindreef, Inc.
>atul wrote:
>>Is "message" style specific to Axis? If not, what can
>>we specify in binding style in wsdl (since wsdl specs
>>let's you specify only rpc or document)?
>>Also, can we achieve interoperability (for instance
>>with a .Net client understanding wsdl) by hosting my
>>service as 'message' style in axis?
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