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From M Ludlow <>
Subject Re: Dynamically setting the SOAP server.
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 07:56:19 GMT
Thanks for that.  I was actually doing that in the first place just 
didn't pick up on it till you told me.  The problem was that my token 
replaces weren't being done because the config file wasn't being 
replaced and so there were no tokens to replace.  Thanks.

>If I understand your problem correctly then this is a way.
>You can specify the locator with the method
>locator.getPoint(URLPortaddress).(if the service interface is Point).This
>would be better solution for you.
>>I have an application which compiles using ant and uses the wsdl2java
>>target to generate the classes required for communication to a service
>>running remotely.  This works fine as there is token replacement done on
>> the WSDL file to set the port and host name giving it a dynamic quality
>> depending on where the service is deployed at the time.  The problem
>>arises though because there is an installation target as well which
>>installs the application on a machine and this installed version is
>>distributed.  For the installation, the WSDL to java has been done and
>>compiled into a jar meaning that no further changes can be made.  This
>>means there is a hard coded path to a server which may not exist in the
>>final destination for the application.  Is there currently, (or possibly
>> in progress) a way to get the locator service to read from a
>>configuration file or system properties at run time to get the server
>>URL instead of using the WSDL hard coded path?  I am talking about the
>><service name="SomeService">
>>    <port name="PortName" binding="xxx:SomeBinding">
>>      <soap:address
>>location="http://host:port/axis/services/SomeService"/> <!-- This is
>>where the hard coding derives from -->
>>    </port>
>>  </service>
>>Thanks in advance.


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