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From Mike Klein <>
Subject Questions about wsdl2java/java2wsdl and gen'd stubs/skeletons
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 10:29:00 GMT
My impression after a lot of reading on soap was that wrapped/called 
impl class was soap-unaware.

#1 Why then are wsdl2java generated interface methods throwing 
RMIExceptions? Plus...generated impl classes have 'SOAP' in their 
name...this is not distributed-unaware.

This implies impl code knows it's working on behalf of distributed 
clients. Should these docs stated rather that called implementation 
"don't have to be soap/distributed aware"?


In the axis docs section on java2wsdl (a good starting point if you have 
existing java impl you would like as a web service), it mentions using 
an intf for your service and then calling java2wsdl on it to generate 
webservice metadata. Then it goes on to state you should run wsdl2java 
to generated java-related portions.

#2 This implies your interface (WidgetPrice in this case) gets 
overwritten (and w/rmi throws in signatures)...why is this correct?


#3 What is the purpose of server-side skeletons? With the webservice I 
have already deployed (via wsdd...not quickstart)...I have no 
skeletons...only implementation class/intf...axis is doing all the work. 
Do skeletons just allow fine-tuning? Do skeletons provide ability for 
scoped services?



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