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From Christopher Blunck <>
Subject axis-wsdl2java how to pass className arg that'll get into deploy.wsdd?
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 22:28:29 GMT
hi all-

like many others, i'm new to axis.  i have an existing wsdl that i can pump
through axis-wsdl2java thus:
  <target name="GenerateServerFiles">
    <echo message="Generating complex types and server side interface..."/>

<!--  it would be nice to be able to pass something like:
      className="gov.nasa.echo.partner.proxy.order.router.Router"    -->

what i'm confused by is that the deploy.wsdd contains:
      <parameter name="className" value="gov.nasa.echo.partner.proxy.order.router.OrderBindingSkeleton"/>

i understand why wsdl2java used OrderBindingSkeleton (because I passed 
skeletondeploy="true"), but how do i pass a param to wsdl2java where i can
explicitly set the className that belongs in deploy.wsdd?  or am i missing
something here?

i believe that the proper thing to do (please confirm or reject this) is to:
 - run wsdl2java over your WSDL, and generate a skeleton for your server side
 - implement a class that subclasses the skeleton that axis generated
 - reference your subclass as the className in deploy.wsdd
 - do something else

where do something else is the steps i do not yet know.  it's basically the
act of warring up axis, deploying it into tomcat, somehow giving it visibility
to my classes, and using the admin client to configure the axis servlet with
information about my app (probably via deploy.wsdd).  that i'm not worried 
about tho - it's the bloody className parameter in deploy.wsdd that's choking

any hints?

i'm not on the mailing list, so if you could group reply that'd be helpful.  i
might join in a bit (will be working with axis a lot).


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