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From Stephen Gordon <>
Subject Re: Weservice specific location for storing files ?
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 12:40:04 GMT
I agree that a web-service specific location for storing files would be 
ideal for you, however I'm not sure there is any way of doing so.

An alternative is to read the information in the file some other way 
e.g. from a remote file-server, or maybe a database ??


Wouter Westenbrink wrote:

> Dear All,
> Thank you Stephen, for you're input. 
> I noticed that when I create a file without specifying a path, it goes
> in the tomcat home folder. 
> My problem now lies in the fact that in the course that I'm developping
> there will be as much as 1000 webservices deployed on a central server.
> Future students will test their webservice in a local tomcat/axis
> environment first and later deploy it on this central server. Each
> student will deploy a set of about 5 webservices, the set is the same
> for all students. 
> So what I need (I think) is a webservice specific location for storing
> the file. It would be nice if it was possible to deploy this file with
> the webservice so I do not have to send te file as a SOAP attachement
> when the user switches from local to central server environment.
> greetings,
> Wouter Westenbrink

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