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From "Mike Perham" <>
Subject RE: Axis using wrong encoding for array in Doc/literal
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 13:35:59 GMT
Axis 1.1?  WSDL?

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From: Gupta, Ankit [] 
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2003 3:48 AM
Subject: Axis using wrong encoding for array in Doc/literal

Hi everyone,

I am using an axis webservice (wrapped/literal) return a bean(object)
containing an array 
of integers. 

This service works fine with Axis client but when I try to use this
service using .Net client,  I get the following error:

"message=(0x04a772d0) "There is an error in XML document (8, 7)."
 "innerException=(0x04a72918) <System.Xml.XmlException>"

I think this error is due to the fact that Axis uses * soapenc:arrayType
* in the Soap response to encode the array, which is not correct in a
doc/literal web service

The response from the axis service is as follows:


  <returnarrResponse xmlns="http://DefaultNamespace">
    <myArr soapenc:arrayType="xsd:int[3]"
     <item xmlns="">1</item>
     <item xmlns="">2</item>
     <item xmlns="">3</item>
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ankit Gupta

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