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From "Xi, Keying" <>
Subject RE: problem using wsdl2javaanttask
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 13:14:34 GMT
wsdl2java is not a core task that's defined in Ant. 
The way I did it is to have a separate taskdef.xml file that defines tasks like wsdl2java
and java2wsdl etc, then have your build.xml import taskdef.xml 

The taskdef.xml could look like this (change classpath to what you have defined):

  <taskdef name="wsdl2java" classname="">
        <classpath refid="build-classpath"/>

  <taskdef name="java2wsdl" classname="">
        <classpath refid="build-classpath"/>

In your build.xml, add the following lines after "<?xml version="1.0" ?>", assuming
the taskdef.xml is under the same directory as build.xml:

<!DOCTYPE project [      
        <!ENTITY taskdefs SYSTEM "file:taskdef.xml">

Then the following line:


If you need further reference, download the Axis source distribution and take a look. 

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From: James Black []
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 8:47 AM
Subject: re: problem using wsdl2javaanttask

  I am using ant version 1.5.4, but am having problems getting the 
taskdef to be properly defined.

  What I have, is:
<path id=:"axis.class.path">
    <fileset dir="/home/jblack/src/axis-1_1/lib">
        <include name="*.jar"/>

  <taskdef resource=""

  I get an error of
File:build.xml:35: taskdef clss cannot be found.

  I am curious what I may be doing wrong.

  I am also using JDK1..2.

  Thank you.

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