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From Tony Opatha <>
Subject Namespace handling in AXIS 1.1 using Doc/Lit style SOAP messages
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 11:12:48 GMT
Is there a way in AXIS to support only inclusion of namespace prefix for elements that
are defined in a namespace that is not the default namespace rather than explcitly
including the complete i.e., fully qualified namespace for each sub-element of the
document instance that is included in the SOAP Body?
I would presume that either based on the XSD schema spec of the document and/or
the WSDL interface spec AXIS would be able to use the namespace prefix to identify
that a particular element is associated in a particular namespace.
If this is not possible in AXIS 1.1 is there a plan to support prefix option rather
explicit use of complete NS in the future?

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