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From scott <>
Subject help with sending a struct
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2003 12:34:15 GMT
Hey guys,

Been reading the soap spec and a struct looks like a great way to send key/value
pairs of strings to a soap server. For example, I want to send:

"username" => "bob smith"
"hobbies" => "fishing, bike riding, skiing"

Now, how can I achieve this in axis? I have a sample .jws server set up for my
client to test with, but I don't know how to actually send/receive this data, as
most examples in the axis samples are very basic int/string parameters

The bidbuy example seems to send java objects, does that mean axis is
responsible for turning that into base SOAP data types? I see that the client uses:

// register the PurchaseOrder class
QName poqn = new QName("", "PurchaseOrder");
Class cls = PurchaseOrder.class;
call.registerTypeMapping(cls, poqn, BeanSerializerFactory.class,
call.addParameter( "PO", poqn, ParameterMode.IN );

Will I have to do something similar? That looks a bit complex for what I want to
do? It also only gets back a string, I want to get back key/value pairs.

Any tips/code examples welcome!


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