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From "Liang, Kevin" <>
Subject Adding fields to autogenerated java classes (wsdl2java)
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 22:26:43 GMT

I have a question that I was wondering if anyone can help me with.

I am new to axis, and I have some wsdl files that I currently use to generate template java
classes using wsdl2java tool that was provided.

I started to write code into the classes, only to find out that I will need a field in one
of the classes to maintain relationships.  However, only I will be using this, while the client
should not be able to access this value.  I would like to simply add a field into the class
that was generated by wsdl, but I am afraid that it will modify the schema (the client has
a strict wsdl schema structure and I would not want to change that structure).  I can, of
course, create a table and maintain the relationship that way, but I rather not hack it. 

I was searching around and I read that axis uses some kind of bean serializer, and thus it
looks for getter and setter methods to determine the schema.  I am wondering if this is true?
 If so, then I can just add this field as a public field and not have a getter and setter
method.  I would much rather prefer this way than creating another table to maintain the relationship.

Can anyone confirm this?  Or can anyone point me to where I can read about adding a new field
into a class without violating or changing the original schema?



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