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From Srinivas Reddy Mudireddy <msre...@CS.Arizona.EDU>
Subject Re: Can I use JMS inside WS
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 19:55:26 GMT
James, Thanx for your reply. I guess I didnt ask question properly. I dont
to use JMS transport. I mean return value of WS method is not a JMS
message. Instead, when a client invokes a method, this method sends a
series of informatory messages to a queue which could be consumed by any
body (not necessarily by client). These JMS messages are not necessary for
client to work properly. What I thought was I could use JMS just like I
use it any non-WS application since AXIS comes into picture only for
request and response messages. What I do inside my method before sending
reponse is not a concern of AXIS (correct me if I am wrong about this
assumption). So I dont understand why my service is not getting deployed
when I use JMS in WS (Problem occurs only when I include
"sender.send(...)" statement, as long as I do JNDI lookup, create
connection, and queues etc, AXIS is not complaining). I would appreciate
if anybody could help me in understanding why this is happening. Basically
the question is does AXIS treat a WS as a blackbox where the only way
information can be sent out is through return statement?


 --- James Cowan
<> wrote: >
> there is a section on this in the "Axis next
> generation java soap" by
> irani&basha. Pages 154-167. I have not tried the
> example, but I found the
> book useful in other things I have tried out.
> James
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> From: "Srinivas Reddy Mudireddy"
> <msreddy@CS.Arizona.EDU>
> To: <>
> Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003 8:06 PM
> Subject: Can I use JMS inside WS
> > Hi,
> > Can I use JMS to send asychronous messages from
> inside a web service. Web
> > service returns a value which can be handled using
> HTTPTransport.
> >
> > tia,
> > msreddy
> >

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