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From Irial Conroy <>
Subject Customer Serializer not being called for nested object
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 16:40:21 GMT

* I have a Custom Serializer which works fine when the object in question is
a 'top-level' parameter 

        _call.registerTypeMapping(Service.class, _qnLSList,
                      new ServiceSerFactory(),    
                      new BeanDeserializerFactory(Service.class,

            _call.addParameter( "Service", _qnLSList,
Service.class,ParameterMode.IN );

....Custom Serialization is performed properly for the Service class
(in my case I only need customer serialization in order to control the case
of the serialized tags)

* The same Custom Serializer is not invoked when the object in question is
nested in a 'top-level' parameter 

public class ServiceContainer
	public Service service;

        _call.registerTypeMapping(Service.class, _qnLSList,
                      new ServiceSerFactory(),    
                      new BeanDeserializerFactory(Service.class,
        _call.registerTypeMapping(ServiceContainer.class, _qnLSList,
                      new ServiceContainerSerFactory(),    
                      new BeanDeserializerFactory(ServiceContainer.class,
            _call.addParameter( "ServiceContainer", _qnLSList,
ServiceContainer.class,ParameterMode.IN );

....Custom Serialization is NOT performed for the Service class - default
serialization is performed

* Does anyone know how I can 'force' Axis to use the Custom serializer for a
nested object ?
Do I need to do something special in the ServiceContainer Serialization
class Service Serialization class ??

Any tips appreciated,

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