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From "Mike Perham" <>
Subject RE: load balancing question
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 19:04:39 GMT
As you note, WSDL has miserable answers for these sorts of questions.
Another way to approach the problem is through the use of UDDI.  Put
your endpoints in a UDDI directory and have the clients pick a random
endpoint.  Axis has a proprietary API for dynamically specifying the
endpoint from the client.  See
org.apache.axis.client.Service.getPort(URL, Class).  Hopefully JAX-RPC
1.1 will standardize something similar but all of this requires the
client participate in the load balancing.  HTTP load balancing seems to
be the best way right now to get client-transparent load balancing.  You
might also want to look into XML firewalls - they might provide some
load balancing functionality.

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From: Shantanu Sen [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2003 1:43 PM
To: axis-user
Subject: load balancing question

If I want to expose a web service in wsdl, I will need
to publish a WSDL to all potential clients describing
my service. This wsdl will also contain the service

Now if I want to run my service in a clustered
environment for load balancing, how to I publish this
service uri in the wsdl? Do I publish the url of the
http load balancer that I will use? But what happens
if I do not use an http load balancer and still deploy
my service in a clustered environment? In this case do
I publish multiple wsdls with different service uri
(pointing to each cluster) for multiple sets of

Clearly, from the client's perspective, there should
be a single service uri - the client does not care how
the service is balancing it's load.

How is this done in the real world? How does
websphere/weblogic handle similar situation? What type
of uri do they emit in the wsdl?

Any pointers regarding this will be of great help.


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