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From Steve Maring <>
Subject Re: Using CastorSerializer for return value causing error
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 17:49:42 GMT
The CastorSerializer in the Axis source tree is flawed.  Remove the first line of the serialize
method that makes reference to serializationContext.startElement().  This will fix your problem.
 I'd highly recommend writing your own so that you can use your own mapping anyway.
Steve Maring

Whitney Hunter <> wrote:Hi,

I am writing a service that uses the Castor serializer/deserializer. I 
have gotten it to deserialize my input document into a Castor object. 
However, when I return another Castor object, it does not get serialized 
correctly. It seems to be duplicating the root element. For example my 
test return value should be:

this is it!

But instead, tcpmon is showing this:

this is it!

As you might expect the client throws an exception when it tries to 
deserialize this. Has anyone seen this? Anyone know what is going wrong?


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